10 Stunning Pool Designs Perfect For Long Island Backyards

Infinity Edge Pools long island

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So you’re a homeowner on Long Island and are thinking about a pool?

That’s great…but one problem, which type of pool do you want?

This article is for you!

Long Island is in the heart of the Northeast. Its unique landscape is an exquisite canvas for homeowners. They can craft their personal oasis. The region has expansive flatlands, gentle slopes, and breathtaking water views. It’s an ideal backdrop for stunning pool designs.

The designs blend seamlessly with the natural environment. Majestic Pools takes pride in being the artisan of Long Island’s most luxurious pools.

They ensure each design enhances the existing land. This turns fine homes into exceptional havens of leisure and elegance.

Also, the island has a distinct four-season climate. It opens up opportunities for year-round pool enjoyment.

This is especially true with heated and energy-efficient designs. Majestic Pools has lots of experience with all types of pool installation services. They make robust and beautiful pools.

The pools handle the unique weather. They last a long time and need little maintenance. Picture an infinity-edge pool reflecting the summer skies.

It’s a hidden sanctuary amidst the fall foliage. Or a hot spa on a crisp winter night. This is luxury living outside. It’s within your reach in Long Island’s charming landscape.

Benefits of Having a Pool in Your Long Island Backyard

Having a private pool in your Long Island backyard is a luxury. It turns your home into a coveted retreat. It makes everyday life an endless vacation.

Picture yourself escaping the daily routine. You step into a serene oasis that is both a refreshing sanctuary and a hub for family fun.

Imagine the laughter of loved ones echoing over gentle waves. It happens on your property. It’s an investment that boosts your lifestyle. It also greatly raises your home’s market appeal.

Having a pool from Majestic Pools means tailoring your space to be better. Here, each gathering is an event.

Every moment is a chance to relax, exercise, or socialize. As your neighbors peek over their fences. Let them marvel at your masterpiece. It has reshaped your backyard into a symbol of sophistication and style.

Also, adding a Majestic Pool is not just a personal indulgence. It’s a shrewd money move that pays off in the long term.

A custom pool can greatly boost your property’s value. It will set it apart in Long Island’s tough real estate market. Studies have shown that installing a pool can significantly increase the value of a property. According to a report by bankrate.com, homes with pools typically sell for a higher price compared to those without.

Owners of grand swimming pools often report great returns on investment. These stunning features attract buyers seeking their slice of prosperity.

Picture your backyard. It has the allure of crystal-clear waters. Majestic Pools made them with unmatched expertise.

We are Long Island’s top pool designers. We don’t just sell a product. We promise an experience. In it, every splash is a story, every dive is a delight, and every swim is pure satisfaction.

Don’t just dream of a world-class pool. Let Majestic Pools bring that dream to life.

They will do it with elegance and precision. This will reflect your impeccable taste. Contact us today, and step into the extraordinary world of luxury outdoor living.

Pool Design Ideas for Long Island Backyards

Allow Majestic Pools to guide you through a great selection of pool designs. Each one is tailored to match the special essence of Long Island living.

Our design portfolio ranges from the classic to the avant-garde. It always echoes your style and goes beyond expectations in both looks and function.

Read our top picks. Imagine your backyard transforming into a luxury haven.

1. Infinity Edge Pools

Infinity Edge Pools long island

Infinity edge pools are also known as vanishing edge or negative edge pools. They are a captivating and luxurious addition to any landscape.

These pools create a mesmerizing visual effect. They blend the water’s edge with the surrounding horizon. This gives the illusion of an endless expanse of water stretching into the distance.

The design has a ledge or wall on one side of the pool. It lets water overflow, creating a stunning waterfall. The waterfall cascades into a catch basin or reservoir below.

Infinity edge pools are popular in coastal and hillside locations. They can make the most of panoramic views of the ocean, mountains, or skyline.

Infinity edge pools offer unmatched beauty and elegance. They also bring peace and quiet. This makes them the best place to relax and have fun.

2. Geometric Pools

10 Stunning Pool Designs Perfect For Long Island Backyards 1

Geometric pools are famous for their sleek and modern design. They have clean lines, sharp angles, and symmetrical shapes.

These pools often have shapes like rectangles, squares, or polygons. They create a modern and simple style that matches modern architecture and landscaping.

Geometric pools are very flexible. They can fit many backyard spaces. These range from small city lots to large suburbs. Geometric pools are elegant and simple.

They have timeless appeal. They offer homeowners a stylish and sophisticated option. They create a stunning focal point in outdoor living spaces. You might prefer a sleek lap pool for fitness. Or, you might prefer a luxurious spa-like retreat for relaxation.

In any case, a geometric pool will lift your backyard to new levels of elegance.

3. Freeform Pools

Freeform Pools long island

Freeform pools are also called naturalistic or organic pools. They offer a more relaxed and organic option to traditional geometric designs.

These pools mimic natural bodies of water. They have irregular curves, flowing lines, and asymmetrical shapes. These features blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

Freeform pools have soft, natural curves and gentle, sloping edges. They evoke the calm beauty of a tranquil pond or lagoon. They create a peaceful and inviting feel in any backyard.

Freeform pools have a flexible design. They allow for creative customization. You can add features like rock waterfalls, cascading streams, and lush landscaping. These features enhance the natural feel. Freeform pools are nestled among tropical foliage or into a rocky hillside.

They provide homeowners with a versatile and stunning option. Pools transform outdoor space into a private oasis for relaxation.

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4. Saltwater Pools

10 Stunning Pool Designs Perfect For Long Island Backyards 2

Saltwater pools have become popular recently. They have many benefits and offer a unique swim. Traditional chlorine pools need regular chemical treatments.

In contrast, saltwater pools use a salt chlorinator to make chlorine from salt in the water. This makes the sanitization process gentler and more natural. It is easier on the skin, eyes, and swimsuits. Additionally, saltwater pools offer a softer feel to the water.

They feel silkier and provide a more luxurious swimming experience. Saltwater pools have lower chlorine and less chemical odor. They are often preferred by people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Also, saltwater pools need less maintenance. They also need fewer chemicals.

This makes them a more eco-friendly option. In general, saltwater pools are a good option for homeowners. They are convenient, comfy, and cheap. They are an alternative to traditional chlorine pools. They let homeowners enjoy clear water and worry-free swimming all season.

5. Lap Pools

lap pools long island

Lap pools are for swimming laps. They are great for fitness and exercise fans. These pools are long and narrow. They are rectangular in shape, making them ideal for swimming laps without interruptions.

Lap pools have a streamlined design. It lets swimmers keep a steady rhythm and pace. This helps improve heart and overall fitness. Lap pools are small. They are good for tiny backyards or cities where space is limited.

Also, lap pools can have features like built-in swim jets or adjustable currents. These features create resistance for a more challenging workout. You might be training for competition or just trying to stay active and healthy.

A lap pool offers a convenient and effective way to add swimming to your fitness routine.

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6. Perimeter Overflow Pools

Perimeter Overflow Pools long island

Perimeter overflow pools are also called vanishing edge or infinity edge pools. They are a captivating and sophisticated addition to any landscape. The pools create a stunning visual effect. They have an edge where the water overflows. This edge blends seamlessly with the horizon.

The water cascades over the edge. This creates a mesmerizing waterfall effect. It improves the pool’s beauty and adds luxury and elegance to the outdoor space.

Perimeter overflow pools are great for properties with scenic views. They create the illusion of endless water stretching into the distance.

Also, water continually flows over the edge. This flow keeps the pool clean and pretty. This makes perimeter overflow pools both striking and practical.

The pools are on hillside overlooking the ocean or nestled into a lush garden. They offer homeowners an unforgettable swimming experience that blends with the natural surroundings.

7. Smart Pools

10 Stunning Pool Designs Perfect For Long Island Backyards 3

Smart pools are at the cutting edge of pool technology. They integrate advanced automation and connectivity. These features enhance convenience, efficiency, and enjoyment.

These pools are innovative. They use smart devices, sensors, and digital controls to automate many pool tasks. These tasks include regulating water temperature, filtration, and chemical balance. They can do it with a button or a voice command. They can do it from anywhere using a smartphone app or smart home system.

Also, smart pools can connect to other smart home devices. These include voice assistants, lighting systems, and security cameras. This creates a fully interconnected ecosystem. Smart pools use technology. They offer unmatched convenience and control. They let homeowners spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying their pool. Smart pools do three things.

They schedule cleanings, optimize energy use, and send real-time alerts about issues. They make swimming better for modern homeowners.

8. Custom Spa Additions

10 Stunning Pool Designs Perfect For Long Island Backyards 4

Custom spas elevate the luxury of pool ownership. They offer a relaxing retreat in your backyard oasis. You can add these custom spa features to your pool design.

They will match the look and function of your outdoor space. Spas can be sleek and modern. They have clean lines and a minimalist style. They can also be rustic and natural, with waterfalls and organic shapes.

The possibilities are endless. Custom spa additions allow homeowners to tailor the spa to their preferences. They can choose adjustable jets.

They can also get soothing hydrotherapy, built-in seating, and even LED lighting. You may want a peaceful sanctuary for relaxation. Or, a rejuvenating hydrotherapy experience.

A custom spa addition to your pool gives you a luxurious and personalized retreat. It enhances the enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

9. Architectural Pools

10 Stunning Pool Designs Perfect For Long Island Backyards 5

Architectural pools are the highest form of pool design and innovation. They blend seamlessly with their surroundings. They are stunning focal points in any landscape.

The pools are crafted with great care. They harmonize with the style of the surrounding buildings. These buildings may be modern, contemporary, Mediterranean, or traditional.

Architectural pools often have clean lines and geometric shapes. They also have sophisticated finishes that reflect the home and outdoor space’s aesthetics. They range from infinity edge pools that seem to merge with the horizon to lap pools in sleek courtyards.

These pools showcase the creative vision and skill of their designers. Architectural pools focus on both form and function. They offer homeowners a chic retreat.

The pools blend into outdoor living space, creating an immersive and luxurious experience.

10. Compact Pools

Compact Pools long island

Small pools are stylish and space-saving. They are for homeowners who want to maximize outdoor space without giving up the luxury of a pool. They are designed to fit in small or narrow areas. This makes them perfect for urban settings, townhouses, or cozy backyards.

Despite their small size, compact pools can still have many features and amenities. There are sleek lap pools for fitness and exercise. There are also plunge pools for a refreshing dip on hot days. There are plenty of options to suit every lifestyle and preference. They have thoughtful design and innovative engineering.

Compact pools offer all the benefits of a traditional swimming pool in a smaller size. They let homeowners enjoy pool ownership without sacrificing space or style.

Importance of Hiring a Professional Pool Designer and Builder

In the quest to achieve the dream of a perfect backyard pool, it is crucial to hire a pro designer and builder. At Majestic Pools, we have a lot of knowledge and expertise. It’s specific to Long Island’s unique climate and topography.

Our seasoned team knows the region’s zoning laws and environmental rules well. They ensure a flawless design and installation process. This spares you the complexity and potential pitfalls of facing these challenges alone.

We have a lot of experience. We stop the common missteps that come from working with less experienced builders. This avoids costly delays and ensures your pool is done on time and to your exact specifications.

We are committed to precision and quality craftsmanship. This commitment makes a luxury pool. It not only meets, but exceeds, industry standards. It is a clear testament to the benefits of professional expertise.

Majestic Pools will bring your vision to life. You’re not just buying a pool. You’re buying peace of mind. We deliver not just a seamless installation. We offer ongoing care too. It includes exceptional aftercare. The many glowing testimonials are from our happy clients across Long Island. They speak volumes about our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Choose Majestic Pools. They ensure a stress-free backyard transformation. This choice is one of confidence and enduring value. Protect your investment in fun and luxury. Contact Majestic Pools to start your journey to perfect outdoor living.