Natural Liner Patterns

San Remo Tile

Gold Coast Bottom
The San Remo Tile brings a beautiful sun pattern into the pool and gives any pool a warm, lagoon type look when filled with water.

Neptune Beach Tile

Oceanside Bottom
The Neptune Beach Tile pulls in natural blues and browns that will blend into the landscape of any backyard. The pebbled bottom gives any pool a soft blue glow that is warm and inviting.

Grace Bay Tile

Gold Coast Bottom
The Grace Bay pattern features natural shell images that almost look fossilized, bringing a natural lagoon type look to any backyard.

Eagle Beach Tile

Gold Coast Bottom
The Eagle Beach tile incorporates the high-end look of natural stacked stone with a pebble bottom that’s both detailed and attractive.

Cape Elizabeth Tile

Oceanside Bottom
Incorporating grays and browns, the Cape Elizabeth pattern creates a natural lagoon look with beautiful teal colored water and a high-end, multi-faceted tile at the top.

Sebastian Beach Tile

Port Royal Bottom
Pulling inspiration from popular floral interior designs, Sebastian Beach’s harmonious color scheme is eye-catching and complimentary to a thoroughly landscaped backyard.

Sandy Cay Tile

Runaway Bay Bottom
Perfectly corresponding to the name, Sandy Cay evokes feelings of just that – a natural, sandy beach glittering in the sunlight.

Newport Beach Tile

Palm Harbor Bottom
This dynamic pattern reflects the unpredictability of nature, showing off a variety of shapes in both water and earth colors that flow together beautifully.

Havana Tile

Runaway Bay Bottom
For homeowners looking to capture the brilliance of sunlight reflecting off the water, Havana is the pattern of choice with a high-end tile and highly reflective bottom.

Hampton Bays Tile

Blue Lagoon Bottom
For natural pools, perhaps even incorporating a rock waterfall, Hampton Bays is the ideal complement with its’ faux-stone tile and darker bottom.

Corolla Beach Tile

Outer Banks Bottom
Admired for cheerful tile look, widely regarded color scheme and beauty beneath the water, Corolla is one of our longest running patterns

Cape Charles Tile

Runaway Bay Bottom
With geometric lines and an attractive metallic color scheme, the Cape Charles pattern merges modern taste with the reflective look of water.

Cannon Beach Tile

Port Antonio Bottom
Cannon Beach tile offers a more conventional look that is both soft and timeless, sure to bring continual beauty to any backyard. Cannon Beach is also an AquaMax pattern featuring extra UV and chemical protection.