The Best Pool Safety Cover You Need To Have

What is the Best Pool Safety Cover for Your Family?

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When you’re dreaming out your future–and those dreams involve a home, family, and thriving social life–there are always the typical staples. A white picket fence. Maybe, a basketball net on the driveway. And a backyard with the works. ‘The works’ being a patio, a gorgeous garden, and–most relevantly–a swimming pool.

Deep down, we all want our homes to be a central hub for mingling. And owning a swimming pool definitely takes you one step further toward accomplishing that goal. Making such an addition to your home means wet and wild fun, a spot to cool off, and a place to get some exercise. 

There’s no doubting that in ground swimming pools are a tremendous investment for homeowners. You get all the benefits discussed that make swimming the top activity for kids and teens in the US. And–on average–you’ll increase the value of your house by $110,000.

Yet, all the advantages of owning a swimming pool mean next to nothing when one crucial element is overlooked. 

We’re referring to swimming pool safety, of course. 

While enforcing rules such as ‘no running by the pool’ and ensuring inexperienced swimmers wear lifejackets is a place to start, there’s another factor to consider. Namely, what happens when a homeowner isn’t using–and therefore not keeping a watchful eye over–their swimming pool?

After all, you can’t monitor everyone and everything at all times. All it takes is a few moments of lapsed attention for something to go wrong.

Don’t worry, though. You don’t need to turn your eyes into 24/7 surveillance cameras if you own a pool. Instead, you can ensure your family’s safety and give yourself 100% peace of mind with one pivotal purchase: A Loop-Loc pool safety cover for inground swimming pools.

Read on and learn why a Loop-Loc pool safety cover is a must-have for every homeowner with an inground pool.

Chapter 2

The Safety Risks Involved When Owning a Swimming Pool (And Why the Best Pool Safety Cover is a 100% Necessary Investment)


Okay. You’ve already bought (or are considering buying) a swimming pool. Installing an inground pool costs–on average–nearly $22,000. From there is the $90 per month you’ll need for pool chemicals.

Most home and pool-owners know that the benefits and return you’ll get on your investment more than make those costs worth it. 

However, we can sympathize with anyone not aiming to spend more on their pool. At the end of the day, at Loop-Loc, we are homeowners ourselves. We are in tune with the constraints of a budget and the need for thoughtful spending. 

So, we understand why you might raise your eyebrow when told that–on top of already buying an inground pool–you also need to invest in a pool safety cover.

Well. We need to hit you with some cold hard facts:

  • Each year in the US, 350 children five and below drown in pools 
  • The bulk of those deaths occur in backyard pools during the summer.
  • An additional 2,600 children end up in hospital emergency rooms per year after almost drowning.

What’s worse, studies from Florida, Arizona, and California show that 46% of related accidents happened when the child was last seen in the house. These disasters can happen in a matter of a phone call, with 77% of incidents occurring when the child had been missing from sight for less than five minutes.

With these factors in mind, you have to ask yourself–can you afford to NOT have the best pool safety cover on your inground pool?

The reality is that these accidents don’t likely happen when pool safety covers (especially those of high quality) are purchased alongside the inground pools themselves. 

So, yes, the overall price of owning a pool might deter you from purchasing frivolous accessories. But a top-quality pool safety cover is anything but frivolous. Because knowing with 100% certainly that your family is safe and sound, even when you’re distracted, is priceless.


Chapter 3

A Pool Safety Cover is a One-Time Investment That Generates Long-Time Returns


Maintaining a swimming pool can get pricey because the hits keep coming. But when you purchase a pool safety cover, it’s a once-off cost. You aren’t going to need treatments and cleanings and repairs for the cover itself.

To the above point, Loop-Loc’s pool safety covers come with a 15-year pro-rated warranty. 

It’s all very simple when you mull it over for a second: 

You make the purchase. The pool safety cover is installed. And, then, for the next 15 years–at least–you know without a shadow of a doubt your family is safe. That’s a substantial, valuable return your can bank on, all for upfront fees and nothing more. 

There’s a kicker with pool safety covers that homeowners–such as yourself–must consider before making this investment. Specifically, you must only consider the best pool covers on the market. Otherwise, all the peace of mind we’re talking about goes out the window. They also look really nice. Check out our loop loc photo gallery to see what we mean. 

Chapter 4

There’s No Doubting It. Loop-Loc Makes the Best Pool Covers on the Market.

Don’t get it confused. When it comes to your pool safety cover, second-best simply isn’t good enough. Your family’s safety is far too important to settle for an imitation–even if it’s the greatest form of flattery.

Remember, we aren’t talking about a wristwatch or a pair of pants. With such products, a “Rollecks” or “Calvin Klane” would do. But not with your pool safety cover. In this instance, there’s only one acceptable solution for your family: a Loop-Loc pool safety cover for inground pools.

Think about it. What other brand can promise a pool safety cover that can withstand the weight of Serengetti wildlife?

Chapter 5

A Pool Safety Cover That Removes The Weight of an Elephant Off Your Shoulders


Have you ever thought to yourself, how much does an elephant weigh?

Coincidentally enough, upon realizing the safety concerns involved with swimming pools, you might feel like you’re carrying an elephant’s weight on your shoulders. Furthermore, when you make pool safety covers as we do, these seemingly random facts are of high interest. After all,  matters to do with weight-bearing are always top-of-mind at Loop-Loc.

Now–to answer the question–African elephants weigh from 5,000 pounds up to 14,000-plus pounds.

For some added context, a compact SUV doesn’t even weigh 4,000-pounds…not even equaling the smallest African elephant. 

All this funky math is meant to convey the unwavering sturdiness of Loop-Loc’s trademark ELEPHANT™ Cover. It’s the one mesh pool safety cover that’s proven itself so robustly strong that it can support the weight of an elephant.

From the math we’ve done, we can also surmise that our ELEPHANT™ Pool Safety Cover can hold tough under the weight of a compact SUV (or two). 

Meaning, when you purchase our ELEPHANT™ Cover, you can take solace in knowing it can withstand the weight of anyone who might slip and fall into your covered pool. Heck. It could hold up if a wrecking ball came plummeting from the sky. Never mind a small child who snuck out to the backyard and slipped into the pool.

We understand that you might not have Serengetti-based wildlife coming over for a swing any time soon. 

Still, when it comes to your family, you’re a lion. And you’ll go the extra mile to keep them safe, which is why the ELEPHANT™ Cover is perfect for your inground pool. 

Chapter 6

What Advantages is Loop-Loc Most Proud of in Our Pool Safety Cover Products?


Advantage #1: Mesh Construction

Don’t worry about snow or rain pooling and creating a nasty mess for you to clean up. The mesh construction in a Loop-Loc pool safety cover drains precipitation right through.

Advantage #2: Unparalleled Durability and Safety

Nothing quite encapsulates how confident we are in our products’ lasting power and durability than Loop-Loc’s 15-year pro-rated warranty. Better yet, a Loop-Loc pool safety cover is safe enough to possibly cut down on your liability insurance.

Advantage #3: Lightweight and Convenient

When we talked earlier about our pool safety covers withstanding the weight of cars and elephants, you might have got the wrong idea about Loop-Loc’s products. Our pool covers aren’t heavy at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. Homeowners can seamlessly put it on and take it off their pools in mere moments. 

Advantage #4: Aesthetically Pleasing

As we said already, by purchasing a pool safety cover from Loop-Loc, you’re buying a product from other homeowners. Therefore, we fully grasp the value of blending peak-level safety with elegant aesthetic beauty.

Your Loop-Loc pool safety cover will blend seamlessly into your backyard, available in standard Spring Green and four other Designer Colors. 

Advantage #5: Providing Child Safety at All Angles 

Any parent or guardian knows that children can find the danger in even the safest, most well-supervised scenarios. As such, Loop-Loc has assessed and analyzed all potential pool-based hazards, patenting these three crucial Child Safety Intrusion Barriers:


Together, these minimize the gap caused by a raised obstruction on a pool cover’s edge. 

Advantage #6: Exponential Value for Customers

A pool safety cover from Loop-Loc might be made with the highest quality polyester bonded thread, but that doesn’t mean it’ll sink your bank account. Conversely, it ends up covering almost ten times more of the cost than materials used by some of our competition. 

Advantage #7: Strength Personified

Indeed, a Loop-Loc pool safety cover is lightweight. But so was Mighty Mouse, and he personified strength.

Our covers have double-thick straps and double perimeter webbing, vastly increasing break strength.

What’s more, the high-strength, non-corrosive type 302 grade stainless steel springs we use offer exponential weight-bearing capacity.  

Advantage #8: Automatic Deck Flushing

The competitive edge found in a Loop-Loc pool safety cover often stems from our attention to detail. We leave no stone unturned in providing the most seamless, convenient experience with our product. 

Thus, we’ve incorporated unique brass anchors into our covers. This feature flushes with the deck whenever you remove the cover. 

Advantage #9: Our Attention to Detail is Unmatched in Construction

We already highlighted Loop-Loc’s attention to detail in every single pool safety cover we construct. But, perhaps, this specificity is no more obvious than with the webbing we sew to the cover. We incorporate contrasting white thread (and not black), ensuring we don’t miss a single stitch. 

Advantage #10: Protection from the Sun

An overlooked factor for pool covers is protection from the sun. UV exposure can impact chlorine levels, which must be kept under control.

On the above note, in Loop-Loc’s fabric, there’s 87% black yarn, providing increased UV stability.

Advantage #11: Protecting Your Decking

At Loop-Loc, we use only virgin material to manufacture our chafe strips. What does that mean, exactly? First and foremost, using virgin material means we don’t use “regrind.” Which then means your decking won’t fall victim to staining. 

Advantage #12: Superior Stability

Need more reasons to be confident in your Loop-Loc pool safety cover? We’ve got you covered (pardon the pun). Our covers have double-notched, non-corrosive aluminum tips, offering more robust stability.  

Advantage #13: Pairing Precision with Strength

Strength on its own is one-dimensional. If all we focused on was the power of our product, it wouldn’t possess the necessary nuances that keep your family 100% safe at all times.

Case in point: at Loop-Loc, we pair maximum