Why the Elephant Pool Cover Is the Best Pick for Your Family

What Are Safety Covers?

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Most people still use a regular tarp to cover the swimming pool off-season. However, such a cover offers no additional benefits, such as safety and aesthetic value. Water often pools on the tarp, creating a bigger safety risk, especially for young children and animals.

A safety pool cover protects your pool from debris and snow in the water. It also protects your pets and family members around the pool area and improves the appearance of your backyard. According to the American Society for Testing and Materials Standard Performance Specification (ASTM), all safety covers should:

  • Support a certain weight
  • Have no holes or openings where a pet or child can squeeze through
  • Drain pooling water

The Elephant Pool Cover surpasses these ASTM requirements, as we’ll see below.

Let’s explore why the Elephant Pool Cover is the best pick for your family.

Types of Pool Covers


The two most popular types of pool covers are solid and mesh. Each has strengths and weaknesses you should consider before you choose the best pool cover.

  • Mesh Pool Covers

Mesh covers have an additional safety benefit because they don’t allow water to collect on top. Solid coverings need a mechanism to drain the standing water to achieve safety.


  • Since water doesn’t pool on top, a cover pump is not necessary
  • Mesh material is easier to manage due to its light nature
  • Melting snow and rainwater seeps through the cover into the pool
  • Debris and leaves collect on top of the cover in spring and fall, making it easier to clean up


  • Mesh covers allow sunlight to pass through, encouraging algae growth
  • When closing the pool, the water level should be lower to accommodate rainwater that will seep through
  • Fine dirt particles can pass through the mesh, making the pool dirtier at the opening

Solid Pool Covers

Solid pool covers look like vinyl or plastic sheets without any holes. It is entirely stable and has a smooth feel to touch. Unlike mesh safety covers that allow water through, solid covers retain some water on top. They need a cover pump to drain the water away.

Some covers have automatic pumps that switch once the water exceeds a particular depth. Manual pumps are also available at a lower price.


  • It prevents 100% sunlight penetration, discouraging algae from thriving while making spring cleaning easier
  • Filters fine particles, preventing debris from accumulating inside the pool over winter
  • The robust material can withstand damage from animals and falling tree branches
  • Reduce the need to use chlorine by blocking 100% UV light. UV light breaks down chlorine, so you’ll need more of it with a mesh cover


  • Water pools at the top, so a cover pump is necessary though it’s often part of the cover
  • A solid cover may require drain panels that require maintenance to prevent clogging. The drain panels can also allow spores and particles to seep into the pool

Why the Elephant Pool Cover Is the Best Pick for Your Family

Why the Elephant Pool Cover Is the Best Pick for Your Family


The Elephant Cover or the Loop Loc Swimming Pool Safety Cover gets its name from the material strength.

The Elephant Cover is famous because the material is strong enough to handle the weight of a baby elephant. These covers are available as solid and mesh covers that guarantee your pool remain safe.

The Elephant Cover is the best pool cover, surpassing all ASTM requirements. Besides the robust materials, it attaches to the deck using brass anchors and heavy-duty springs. It successfully keeps away pets and children, enhancing your loved ones’ safety around the pool area.

  • Better Aesthetic Appeal Than Standard Pool Covers

The Elephant Cover looks significantly better than other pool cover alternatives. The construction matches your pool, and they come in different colors to suit your particular style. The extra dense mesh cover is available in green and other designer colors, including tan, blue, black, and gray.

  • Safer Than Standard Pool Covers

The primary purpose of pool covers is to enhance safety. The Elephant Cover can handle the massive weight without compromise. The mesh material and stitched seams are so strong that the cover stretches instead of breaking.

  • High Durability

Most standard pool covers last a few years, but the elephant cover can last more than fifteen years. These covers often have a 10- to 25-year warranty. Unlike other covers, the elephant cover is also mendable using an affordable patch kit.

  • Easier to Operate

Elephant pool covers are easy to carry and lighter than standard winter covers. Since it remains above the waterline, they are easy to remove by unhooking and pulling off. Installing is as simple as attaching the springs to the anchors.

Elephant pool covers are easy to store because they are foldable. There’s no need for regular cleaning before storage to remove algae. You can easily store them in protective bags.

  • Successfully Prevent Algae Growth.

Mesh covers allow some sunlight through, which can encourage algae. The elephant pool cover addresses this issue through a super dense mesh. The Aqua-Xtreme Virtually Solid Mesh is a solid mesh that blocks maximum sunlight while allowing fast drainage.

  • Easy Maintenance

Safety covers require regular cleaning to maintain safety levels. You can easily clean the elephant pool cover with a skimmer or a standard long-handled brush. You can also hose down debris and unwanted materials from the pool cover.

Step Up Your Cover Game

Safety pool covers are a must-have for any swimming pool to ensure safety and protect your pool. The elephant pool cover is easily the best, with good reason.

The fabric material is 87% black yarn which boasts superior UV stability. It’s lightweight yet exceptionally high strength and can handle massive weight. The high-grade stainless steel springs also enhance the weight-bearing capacity.

The elephant pool cover blends with any background, as it’s available in various colors. At Majestic Pools, we specialize in genuine Elephant Covers. We guarantee that no other cover will supersede this quality. Book an appointment today and experience quality, durability, and safety at another level.